Organizational Information

A. Sub Branch

Altogether there are 55 Sub Chapters under Kaski Chapter. Out of these, there are 15 Sub Chapters in Pokhara Sub-metropolitan City, Lekhnath municipality and suburbs. About 20 Sub Chapters have their own buildings. Like District Branch, these Sub Chapters have also launched programs such as disaster relief service, blood donation, plantation, water supply and sanitation, awareness campaign on drug abuse, HIV AIDS and dissemination of the Red Cross Knowledge and principles. These Sub Chapters are functioning at grass root level getting close cooperation and support from local people.

B. Junior/youth Red Cross Circles

The Junior/youth Red Cross Circle was established with a view to make human service more effective. Mobilizing young generation and various activities are integral parts of Nepal Red Cross Society. These circles are very active in the district. At present, this Chapter contains140 Junior Red Cross Circles and 51 Youth Red Cross Circles. With the motto “I serve”, these Circles conduct the programs related to the protection of life and safety of health, mutual service, international friendship, cooperation and education for peace, dissemination of international humanitarian laws and Red Cross principles.

C. District Assembly

Every year, this organization holds a district level assembly. The district assembly approves annual progress report, financial report, audit report as well as programs and budget for the next year. In the same way, every four year, the district assembly also holds an election to form the district executive board. The Board includes 13 elected members with a chairperson from district assembly, three nominated members, former Chairperson as an Ex-officio member, and one representative from District Development Committee and one from District Administration office. It also includes one Chairperson, two Vice- Chairperson, one Secretary, one Deputy Secretary, one Treasurer and one Deputy Treasurer.


1.Illustrious Member 6
2.Distinguised Members 61
3.Life Members 7807
4.Ordinary Members 1,090
5.Institutional Memebers 6
6.Junior Members 51,218
7.Youth Members 9,782


Sub Chapters 55
Junior Red Cross Circles 157
Youth Red Cross Circle 51