Organizational Development


Within the core area of the organization development, it covers the expanding and strengthening of organization networks, implementation of NRCS, Kaski constitutional liabilities such as general assembly, auditing and reporting, building capacity of human resources, gender equity, development of governance and volunteers leadership, resources mobilization and management and strengthening the network of junior and youth. To make the service delivery further effective, organization development is a must and this has been made further effective with the introduction of the light operation alliance on organization development.

NRCS, Kaski has been providing humanitarian services by strengthening its organizational capacity at all levels. The important work that NRCS, Kaski initiated was to expand its organizational structure, and to strengthen the established structure. In this process NRCS, Kaski had experimented with its organizational structure, constitutional issues and management systems by undergoing several changes and amendments from time to time in order to make it more pragmatic and effective. Inter-district chapter cooperation program has been effective to support weak district chapters by resourceful district chapters. NRCS, Kaski expanded its organizational network throughout the district. Nepal Red Cross Society, Kaski has developed its organizational capacity through its development of human resource capabilities and strengthening of management systems. This has also resulted into its capacity development enabling it to carry out diverse activities at all levels.